what is trading club 101

Trading Club 101 is the place where we share everything we know about the financial markets. It is the place for you to learn anything and everything needed to consistently make money in stocks, forex and crypto trading. 

See everything included below:

Trading Club 101 is for the traders who want to learn from profitable traders how to implement strategies and read charts like a professional. 

Trading Club 101 is here for as long or as short as you need our support because we understand that every trader is at a different stage of their learning. If you are completely new to trading then we will coach you all the way from setting up your trading account, to successfully taking regular profits. Equally if you have been trading for some time but still are missing ‘that last bit of the puzzle’ that makes you a confident and successful trader, then we will be able to complete the picture for you and set you on the way to a successful trading career by providing analysis, and spending time with you discussing your trading plan and individual goals.

A full list of everything thats included in your membership is below:

private group access

Gain access to our premium channel on Telegram where we will provide some of the most detailed analysis available, breaking down all the fundamentals and technical analysis for you. 

You have 24/7 access to ask any question you would like answered in relation to trading and investing. Ask questions by directly message us personally with your questions. 

1-on-1 training Lessons

Every month, every Trading Club 101 member receives a personal training session to improve on their own trading knowledge and results. 

These lessons will detail everything you need in order to learn how to become profitable investing and trading the financial markets as well as creating a trading plan to suit you. 

We believe that everyone is at a different stage in their trading journey and everyone will have different trading goals, so whether you want to become a full time trader or just simply know the best ways to trade and invest around your current job. We will help you on your path by providing personal 1-on-1 support.

Live Chart Breakdowns

Gain access to our Chart Breakdowns. You will be have opportunity to join us LIVE or to watch back at your convenience, as we discuss Forex, Cryptocurrencies and Current Trading Affairs to help prepare you for the trading week ahead.

We share all our strategies on how to trade Stocks, Forex and Crypto assets profitably. 

Members of Trading Club 101 will have the chance to request specific currencies, stocks or cryptocurrencies they want us to cover. 


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Private Group Access
1-On-1 Training Lessons
Live Chart Breakdowns